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Chevrolet LQ Coach
Chevrolet LQ Coach
Registration:VF 8157
Acquired by the Museum:2002
Current State:Fully restored
Purchased by the Museum in 2002, this is a Chevrolet LQ dating from 1930, with Bush & Twiddy bodywork - VF 8157's history is complex. The Chevrolet LQ model was produced from 1929 to 1931, as a forerunner to the Bedford WHB. It is a normal control design chassis with 10ft 11in wheelbase, designed for a 14ft 5in long body. It is fitted with the Chevrolet 'Cast Iron Wonder' six cylinder 27hp petrol engine, and has a four-speed gearbox. Brakes are cable operated front and rod operated rear.

VF 8157 was new in March 1930 and originally owned by W.N.Final of Hockwold Norfolk and passed to Clarke of Honington in November 1938, and then finally to Jack Mulley in December 1940. It was stated to have a body built by Lambert, Thetford.

The other bus previously assumed to be a part of the Chevrolet LQ's story is VF 9126. It was recorded as Chevrolet 'U' (chassis no.66085) delivered in July 1930 to B.Calver (Blue Coach Co) of Botesdale, Suffolk. It moved on to Harvey & Cooke of Ixworth in May 1937, to T.O.Osborne of Ixworth in October 1937 and finally to Mulley in May 1941. It was delicensed in March 1944 and scrapped. It was stated to have had a body by Bush & Twiddy, Norwich.

It was acquired by a group of preservationists including Mike Sutcliffe, in 1959 and was restored between 1959 and 1965, to T Osborne livery. It took part in the 1965 London to Brighton run, and was regularly rallied up until 1984.

When originally purchased from Jack Mulley, he advised Mike that there was no body swap although there may have been a registration plate swap, or some other "funny goings-on"! This is supported by the fact that when the paint was originally removed from VF 8157, the original colour discovered was a bright deep red with primrose waistband and black lining out, and not the expected blue of a "Blue Coach Company". Jack Mulley also added a Bedford WHB type of rear axle, with twin rear wheels, and then withdrew VF 8157 in 1951. It was then parked up with two Gilford AS6s and became a breeding ground for ferrel cats.

Museum volunteers returned the bus to the road during 2006, and it took part in the Museums annual Ipswich to Felixstowe run. A repaint was completed in 2006, into Mulleys livery.