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Associated Daimler Company (ADC) Bus
Associated Daimler Company (ADC) Bus
Registration:VF 2788
Acquired by the Museum:1969
Current State:As acquired, unrestored
Note: Not Currently on display
Built in 1928 this A.D.C. chassis with petrol engine and United 35 seat, front entrance, bus body, was new to United Automobile Services as their J 88 and was registered VF 2788. It passed to Eastern Counties in 1931 and was fitted with an ECOC 36 seat body in 1934. It was converted to an ambulance in 1939 and stayed as such until reverting to a bus in 1946. It was renumbered to J 379 in 1946 and was withdrawn in 1949, passing, minus engine, to Dixie of Foxhall as an office.

It later passed to Wilding & Smith as an office before being obtained by the Museum in 1969. Since that date another A.D.C. chassis has been acquired, complete with A.E.C. petrol engine and gearbox.

The ultimate intention is to restore the vehicle to the rebuilt style.