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Preserving the transport heritage of Ipswich since 1965, and now supported by the Friends of the Ipswich Transport Museum. The Ipswich Transport Museum is a Registered Charity No. 276626 and an Accredited Museum, number RD890.
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Speakers are available from the Museum for your meetings

Do you need a speaker for your meetings?

The Ipswich Transport Museum offers illustrated talks on local transport and engineering matters presented by experts in their field.

We have an extensive archive to draw from and a number of the pictures we use may well have been originally shown to audiences as part of a magic lantern show. However, our lecturers, who are all volunteers, arrive equipped with computer, projector and screen.

They give their time freely but there is a charge of 40 to cover expenses for presentations given within 15 miles radius of the Museum with a further 1 for each additional mile to cover the cost of fuel.

Please contact the Museum on 01473 715666, by eMail at Museum Enquiries, or by writing to Ipswich Transport Museum, Old Trolleybus Depot, Cobham Road, IPSWICH, IP3 9JD

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Wheels of Ipswich Ipswich Airport Remembered
Wheels of Ipswich Ipswich Airport Remembered
How the town of Ipswich has developed in the last few hundred years and the role that transport has played in that development. Shipping, bicycles, motor cars, horse drawn and electric trams, diesel buses and including the story of the oldest trolleybus on public display in the world.

Brian Dyes

Local aviation in the days before the birth of the Airport in the 1920s. The war time years with full RAF station status. Use as a feeder station to Southend for flights to the Continent and as a centre for local, sports flying. Its demise and development for housing.

John Griffiths

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Made in Ipswich Switched ON
Made in Ipswich Switched ON
The export of pottery in 600AD, and mediaeval ship-building on a large scale. The products of world class companies such as Ransomes, Manganese Bronze and Rapier are then shown, as are those of today such as BT and Spirit Yachts.

Brian Dyes

How public electricity supply in the East of England developed. The history of Ipswich Power station. When things go wrong. The 'hurricane' of 1987. How many ways can you adapt a Land Rover for use in the Electricity Supply Industry? Electricity in the home. Easing the chores.

Alick Barnett