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Preserving the transport heritage of Ipswich since 1965, and now supported by the Friends of the Ipswich Transport Museum. The Ipswich Transport Museum is a Registered Charity No. 276626 and an Accredited Museum, number RD890.
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AEC Monarch Tower Wagon
AEC Monarch Tower Wagon
Registration:PV 8580
Acquired by the Museum:1986
Current State:Fully restored and operational
This purpose built tower wagon was purchased in 1948 in expectation of a large expansion of the Ipswich trolleybus system in the post-war period. In fact this vehicle was more fully employed in dismantling the trolleybus network over a 12 year period.

The chassis is an A.E.C. Monarch fitted with a 7.7 litre diesel engine and an Eagle tower. A capacious crew cab is provided with work bench and storage facilities for trolleybus overhead line fittings. After the closure of the trolleybus system in 1963 it was retained as a towing vehicle until 1986, when it was purchased by the Museum. Restoration work commenced on the exterior and mechanics of the vehicle in 1990 and this was completed in 1994.