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Preserving the transport heritage of Ipswich since 1965, and now supported by the Friends of the Ipswich Transport Museum. The Ipswich Transport Museum is a Registered Charity No. 276626 and an Accredited Museum, number RD890.
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Museum Exhibits

The Museum houses about 90 vehicles, which are divided into various different types of collection. There is also a large amount of material associated with local engineering companies, and transport related memoribelia. The acquisition and disposal policy contains information about the Museums specific collecting policy.

Details of the individual exhibits can be viewed by selecting the relevant links below.

Commercial Vehicles
1914 Ransomes Electric Lorry No 1 - First prototype Orwell lorry
1915 Ransomes Electric Lorry No 4 - Prototype Orwell lorry
1929 Willys-Overland Crossley Manchester Lorry - Owned by local seed merchant
1947 Ransomes MG Crawler - Small caterpillar tractor
1948 Smiths/NCB Electric Milk Float - Operated by Ipswich Co-op until 1975
1950 Atkinson 8 wheel Lorry - Originally operated by Chivers, laterly by Stocks' Funfair
1951 Morrison Electric Coal Lorry - Operated by Ipswich Co-op until 1983
1954 Ford E83W Pickup - Operated by Ipswich Corporation Parks Department
1954 Mercury Tractor - Timber tractor, operated by William Browns, along with special trailers
1962 Bristol HA6G Articulated Lorry - New to British Road Services
1967 Brush Pony Electric Van - Used as a hospital laundry van
1965 Scammell Scarab with Bulk Grain Trailer - Operated by R&W Paul
1965 Smiths Electric Vegetable Cart - Operated by Ipswich Co-op
1970 Commer Maxiload TS3 Lorry - New to Green and Skinner Haulage
1974 Karrier Bantam Lorry - Suffolk County Coucil, with tipper and crew cab
1973 ERF Tractor Unit - New to Cranfields, laterly used as a shunter
1974 Scania Super 110 - First vehicle purchased by Russell Davis Ltd
1979 Bedford TK Removal Lorry - Used by local firm J.G. Wyards
1981 Enfield Electric Van - Converted from a car, and operated by Eastern Electricity
Trams and Trolleybuses
1880 Starbuck Horse Tram - Cambridge Horse Tram
1904 Brush Tramcar - Ipswich Corporation Tramways No. 33
1923 Railless single deck Trolleybus - Ipswich Corporation Trolleybus No. 2
1923 Ransomes single deck Trolleybus - Ipswich Corporation Trolleybus No. 9
1923 Ransomes Trolleybus chassis - Ipswich Corporation Trolleybus No. 16 (chassis only)
1926 Garrett 'O' type Trolleybus - Ipswich Corporation Trolleybus No. 26
1933 Ransomes double deck Trolleybus - Ipswich Corporation Trolleybus No. 46
1937 Switchgear Room - Priory Heath switchgear room, which is still in the condition it was when the trolleybus system shut
1948 Karrier 'W' Trolleybus - Ipswich Corporation Trolleybus No. 105
1950 Sunbeam 'F4' Trolleybus - Ipswich Corporation Trolleybus No. 126
Eastern Counties Buses
1927 Tillings Stevens B9B Bus - Eastern Counties Roadcar Company No 78
1928 ADC Bus - Originally United Autombile Services, then Eastern Counties J88
1929 Tillings Stevens B10A2 Bus Chassis - Eastern Counties Roadcar Company Coach No 116
1938 Dennis Ace Bus - Originally Eastern Counties D3, later with Bickers of Coddenham
1939 Bristol L5G Bus - Originally Eastern Counties LL74, laterly LL574
1949 Bristol L4G Bus - Originally Eastern Counties LL407, laterly LL907
1949 Bristol K6B Lowbridge Bus - Eastern Counties LK374
1950 Bristol LS Bus - Eastern Counties LL744, second LS prototype
1964 Bristol MW Coach - Eastern Counties LS829
1965 Bristol LFS bus - Eastern Counties LFS125, laterly a driver trainer
1978 Leyland National Bus - Eastern Counties LN770
Ipswich Buses
1950 AEC Regent 3 Bus - Ipswich Corporation Transport No 1, their first motor bus
1953 AEC Regal 4 Bus - Ipswich Corporation Transport No 9
1964 AEC Regent 5 Bus - Ipswich Corporation Transport No 63, with Massey bodywork
1966 AEC Regent 5 Bus - Ipswich Corporation Transport No 68, with Neepsend bodywork
1971 AEC Swift Bus - Ipswich Corporation Transport No 82
1976 Leyland Atlantean AN68 Bus - Ipswich Corporation Transport No 6
Independent Buses
1930 Chevrolet LQ Coach - 'Created' from two vehicles by Jack Mulley, bodywork by Bush and Twiddy
1932 Bedford WLB Bus - Saved from being the 'Pink Elephant' tea bar
1949 Bedford OB Coach - Operated by Mulleys Motorways until 1971
Service Vehicles
1903 Gilbert Brothers Handcart - Ipswich Corporation Tramways handcart
1910 Aveling and Porter Living Van - East Suffolk County Council Highways Department fleet
1925 Barford and Perkins Roller - Royal Air Force grass runway roller, laterly used by local building firm
1925 Lacre Depot Sweeper - Originally with Thomas Tilling, later with Eastern Counties
1948 AEC Monarch Tower Wagon - Purchased for Ipswich Corporation trolleybus systems proposed expansion
1950s Road Machines Monorail System - Self propelled, for use on building sites
1964 RS&J Motor Triple Lawnmower - Used at Ipswich Airport
1985 Sherpa K2-250 Electric Van - Ipswich Buses experimental battery van
Emergency Vehicles
1870 Merryweather Manual Fire Escape - Recently used to paint street lamps
1870s Shand Mason Fire Escape - Originally used at the workhouse at Melton
1902 Canham Fire Hose Cart - Built and used in Ipswich all its life
1938 Leyland Cub Fire Engine - Ipswich Fire Brigades first and only fire engine
1939 Dennis New World Fire Engine - Laterly with Felixstowe Dock & Railway Company
1940s Beresford Stork Pump - Used during World War 2 with the AFS
1940s Morris Sigmund Trailer Pump - Used during World War 2 with the NFS
1949 Land-Rover Fire Engine - Suffolk Fire Service auxiliary vehicle
1950 Commer Avenger Fire Appliance - Originally a water tender, later fitted with a pump
1962 Bedford J - Originally a mobile workshop, laterly fitted with a pickup body
1980s Landrover Fire Engine - 6 Wheel conversion used at Ipswich Airport
1984 Ford Transit Ambulance - Woodbridge First Aid Group Ambulance
2000 Vauxhall Omega Police Car - Suffolk Constabulary Traffic Patrol Vehicle
Lifting and Handling
1923 Rapier Mobile Crane - Believed to be the first mobile crane built in the world
1936 Rapier Centurn Mobile Crane - Final development of Rapier petrol-electric crane
1940 Ransomes Platform Truck - Tiller steering, for use in factories
1940s Rapier Super Mobile Crane - Developed for use in restricted gangways
1941 Rapier Truck Mobile Cranes - Lightweight for use in factories and yards
1951 Ransomes Runabout Crane - 1920s design, still in use with Ransomes until 1983
1950s Ransomes Electric Trucks - Several typical industrial one ton trucks
1950s Lister Auto Trucks - Typically used to transport items around factories
1951 Ransomes FL20 Electric Fork Lift - Quite advanced for its time, with most features of modern fork lifts
Personal Transport
Bicycle Display - Ranging from a hobby horse to modern times
1800 Coffin Biers - Used to tranport coffins from a hearse to the church
1830 Baby Carriage - Miniature version of full size carriage of its time
1870s Sedan Chair - This is one of the earliest forms of public transport
1948 Daimler Hearse - Ipswich Co-ops first post-war hearse
1976 Enfield Electric Car - Used locally by Eastern Electricity
1976 Trident Clipper Car - Locally made sports car
1985 Sinclair C5 - Innovative battery powered tricycle
Horse Drawn Vehicles
Victoria Carriage - Designed to allow clothes to be seen and for easy access
Double Brougham Carriage - Essentially a town runabout
Travelling Chariot - Used for long distance travel by the wealthy
1900 Type D Tar Pot - Used to melt tar during road construction
1900s Coal Carts - Operated by Issac Lords, dismantled in 1930s
1902 Tower Wagon - Used by Ipswich Corporation Tramways to erect overhead wires
1902 Bakers Van - Operated by Co-op, later replaced with battery vehicles
1920s Milk Float - Originally with Chivers Farm of Histon