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Ransomes 'D' type Trolleybus Chassis
Ransomes Trolleybus Chassis
Registration:DX 5617
Acquired by the Museum:?
Current State:Restored as chassis only
This trolleybus chassis was formerly Ipswich Corporation No 16, being one of 15 similar built by Ransomes during 1926. Originally fitted with solid tyres, they were changed for pneumatics in the early 1930s.

Upon withdrawl, the vehicle was stripped of most electrical components, and resold for use as a shed. This vehicle ended up in Lowestoft as a site office on a caravan site. The body deteriorated quickly and eventually had to be removed. The Museum owns sister vehicle No 9, which it intends to restore in the future.

It is hoped to replace as many missing fittings as possible to this chassis in order to show the construction of a trolleybus chassis in the mid 1920s. It is interesting to note that trolleybus No 2, built in 1923 has a straight frame chassis, whilst only 3 years later, Ransomes produced this design with a curved and shaped frame.