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Preserving the transport heritage of Ipswich since 1965, and now supported by the Friends of the Ipswich Transport Museum. The Ipswich Transport Museum is a Registered Charity No. 276626 and an Accredited Museum, number RD890.
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Commercial Vehicles
1914 Ransomes Electric Lorry No 1 - First prototype Orwell lorry
1915 Ransomes Electric Lorry No 4 - Prototype Orwell lorry
1929 Willys-Overland Crossley Manchester Lorry - Owned by local seed merchant
1947 Ransomes MG Crawler - Small caterpillar tractor
1948 Smiths/NCB Electric Milk Float - Operated by Ipswich Co-op until 1975
1950 Atkinson 8 wheel Lorry - Originally operated by Chivers, laterly by Stocks' Funfair
1951 Morrison Electric Coal Lorry - Operated by Ipswich Co-op until 1983
1954 Ford E83W Pickup - Operated by Ipswich Corporation Parks Department
1954 Mercury Tractor - Timber tractor, operated by William Browns, along with special trailers
1962 Bristol HA6G Articulated Lorry - New to British Road Services
1967 Brush Pony Electric Van - Used as a hospital laundry van
1965 Scammell Scarab with Bulk Grain Trailer - Operated by R&W Paul
1965 Smiths Electric Vegetable Cart - Operated by Ipswich Co-op
1970 Commer Maxiload TS3 Lorry - New to Green and Skinner Haulage
1974 Karrier Bantam Lorry - Suffolk County Coucil, with tipper and crew cab
1973 ERF Tractor Unit - New to Cranfields, laterly used as a shunter
1974 Scania Super 110 - First vehicle purchased by Russell Davies Ltd
1979 Bedford TK Removal Lorry - Used by local firm J.G. Wyards
1981 Enfield Electric Van - Converted from a car, and operated by Eastern Electricity