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Preserving the transport heritage of Ipswich since 1965, and now supported by the Friends of the Ipswich Transport Museum. The Ipswich Transport Museum is a Registered Charity No. 276626 and an Accredited Museum, number RD890.
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AEC Regent 5 Bus
AEC Regent 5 Bus
Registration:ADX 63B
Acquired by the Museum:1986 (initially on loan, ownership assumed in 1994
Current State:On display in the museum, operational
This bus, registered ADX 63B, is one of the last rear entrance buses delivered to Ipswich Corporation Transport in 1964. Some modern design features included saloon heaters and fluorescent lighting. The driver gained two pedal control with a semi-automatic gearbox requiring no clutch pedal. The chassis was built by AEC of Southall and features a 9.6 litre diesel engine. The bodywork is by Massey Bros. of Wigan, with the standard Massey design modified to resemble the large fleet of East Lancs bodied AEC Regent buses in the Ipswich fleet.

No.63 was withdrawn in 1986, when it was one of the last pair of crew buses in use. The vehicle has never been ‘restored’ in the traditional sense of the word. Ipswich Buses continued to use the vehicle until 1992. The vehicle was acquired by the museum in operational condition, and repainted in 1993 with financial assistance provided by the local Co-Op, whose advertisements are carried externally. Maintenance work has comprised routine servicing and repairs, and no major unit replacement has been needed. The interior is mainly original although some conservation work has been undertaken on the seats.